1000+ Stain Remover 125ml

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Not just an ordinary cleaning product – it’s the World’s Most Versatile Cleaning Solution™ because it’s strong as a solvent, yet gentle as soap! Remove grime off all sorts from both hard surfaces (such as floors, walls, decks) and soft surfaces (such as carpets, upholstery and fabric).

Removes paint, red wine, nail polish, blood, grease, permanent marker, coffee, grass, pet messes and much much more.

Free from bleach, enzymes, phosphates, whiting agent and dry cleaning fluids and used by professionals around the world.

You’ll never run out of uses! Great in and around cars, RV’s, campers, garages, households, offices, warehouses, industry, on hard surfaces like equipment, floors, cafeteria & kitchen, bathroom AND soft surfaces like carpet, clothing, upholstery, laundry booster and so much more. Too many uses to describe in a single list. 1000+ keeps on delivering clean-up results and stress relief. It’s the “Reach for it First” solution when spill mishaps and messes occur. 

Incredible value – Concentrated - Makes up to 20 bottles of multi-purpose spray cleaner per quart (1L). Either use full strength for stain removal, or mix with water into spray bottle or bucket to become super affordable multi-purpose solution all over the home, office or in industry; indoors and even outdoors (spa bath covers, patio furniture, awnings, decks, siding, BBQ, lawnmower, shed, landscaping rockery, etc).

  • USDA Certified Biobased
  • Kind to skin (no gloves required)
  • Safe in homes with pets and children.

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