115 piece Water Dripper Kit

SKU: MD-ODK-11550
115 piece water dripper kit for irrigating your garden
Piece for your water dripper kits to irrigate your garden
diagram of water dripper kit installation for irrigating your garden

115 piece Water Dripper Kit

SKU: MD-ODK-11550


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Maze drippers have been designed to be easily affixed to your existing poly pipe to deliver the optimum amount of water required to satisfy the thirst requirements of your prized garden (without the evaporation incurred through other methods of irrigation).


Maze Drippers
115 pcs.
Hole Punch1x
Tap Connector (to suit 13mm hose)1x


Tax included.

Save up to 60% on your water bill by providing water precisely to where it’s needed!

Suitable for all soil types, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit etc, Maze drippers not only reduce the risk of plant fungus and insect infestation (by only wetting the soil around the plant roots and not the leaves) but can also be used to deliver liquid fertilizer directly to your plants’ roots.

Included in this kit are 115 x Maze Drippers, 1 x Hole Punch and 1 x Tap Connector (suitable for 13mm tube). Everything you need to start watering straight away!

Don’t waste your time, money and energy simply watering your weeds. Whatever your garden’s water requirements, the 115 piece Maze Dripper Kit is sure to quench the water needs of even the thirstiest plant in your collection.


  • Ideal for windy areas as the water goes directly to plants roots
  • Great for everything from plants on slopes to vegetable gardens
  • Suits all soil and plant types
  • Reduces the risk of plant fungal and insect problems (only wets the soil around the plants roots, not the leaves)
  • Causes less erosion and soil compaction
  • Loses the least amount of water from wind, evaporation and run-off
  • Can be used to apply liquid fertiliser to gardens (you must use a backflow prevention device to ensure fertilisers don’t go back into the drinking water supply)
  • Made in Israel

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