Bokashi Composter Kit - 12 Litre

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This stylish, compact, indoor Bokashi Composter will transform ALL food waste (including cooked food, meat, fish and cheese) into a super healthy, nutrient rich compost. The preliminary fermentation process utilizes an air tight container and Bokashi bacteria as a compost activator and has been specifically designed to initiate the breakdown of organic waste in the home environment.

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning “Fermented Organic Matter”. It refers to a liquid or bran based material that has been fermented with EM (friendly bacteria). Bokashi products are generally pleasant smelling and, when added to your bucket, are designed to accelerate the fermentation of organic matter.

The fermentation process does not produce adverse smells so you can keep the bucket under the sink or anywhere in the home. Once treated in the Kitchen Composter, the material can then be safely dug into your garden or placed in your compost bin.

See here for more Bokashi Liquid and Grain



  • Stronger compactor which hangs on the back of unit
  • Location at back of main unit to mark the date of filling (to keep track of how long contents have been inside)
  • Rubber seal lid
  • Carry handle
  • Starts the breakdown process with fermentation using micro -organisms
  • Produces nutrient rich liquid that can be used as fertilizer
  • No adverse smells or fruit flies
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rebuilds the soil in your garden
  • Decontaminates soil from harmful pathogens/pollutants
  • 1 x 12lt Indoor Composter, 1 x compactor and 1 x 250ml bottle of liquid Bokashi
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 27cm x 28.7cm
  • Construction: Recycled material

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