Calibration Service - Drink Buddy Personal Breathalyser

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Please note we only calibrate Pro-line Breathalysers

Breathalyser Calibration is important!

Your breathalyser is a precision instrument using a fuel cell sensor to measure alcohol levels, regular servicing ensures ongoing accuracy and reliability while maintaining AS3547 standards.

Your Pro-line breathalyser uses a fuel cell sensor to measure breath alcohol levels and will require re-calibration.

The calibration period for your Pro-line fuel cell breathalyser is 6 months or 500 uses, whichever occurs first. If you receive erratic or high readings your breathalyser may need re-calibration.

Do not attempt to service it yourself. 

In order to keep your breathalyser in good working condition, we recommend that you blow into it at least once a month to ensure the sensor does not dry out. 

Calibration Service Steps

  1. Order your Breathalyser Calibration Service on this page
  2. Add “Calibration Service” to Cart
  3. Pay and enter your details at the checkout page
  4. Package your breathalyser with sufficient padding ready to be sent. We will email you with delivery information
  5. We will confirm receipt of your breathalyser once we receive it. Your Calibration will take approximately 5-7 days and will be couriered back at no cost to you.  We will let you know when the Calibration is finished and give you a tracking number so that you can track your breathalyser.

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