Cookina BBQ Sheet

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COOKINA® reusable BBQ grilling sheet is an alternative to aluminium foil, ideal for grilling sticky marinated food. Comes with a COOKINA® ring which makes it easy to store your COOKINA® sheet after use.

Now you can cook like a chef! COOKINA® makes sure you don’t need to worry about anything else apart from flipping the food at the appropriate moment thanks to a revolutionary material.

COOKINA® looks like a sheet of plastic except that it is heat-resistant and it won’t burn. It retains the heat just like a BBQ plate. It’s non-stick quality allows you to cook your food to perfection without using oils or sprays to grease the surface.
Once you have finished cooking you only need to wash it in warm soapy water. It’s ready to be used again. You can cook healthily and clean up in a minute or less.

COOKINA® is reusable and holds no odour or flavour from previous use, so you can cook fish, wipe your COOKINA®, and then cook pancakes in the same spot. It can go in any BBQ. Ideal for the hotplate of your BBQ but NOT over the open flame, ceramic or halogen. Excellent for health grills!

  • Made for high temperature cooking, up to 550 degrees
  • 40 x 50cm 
  • Material PTFE (no PFOA)

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