Cookina Oven Protector

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COOKINA® oven protector, enjoy your oven without the mess! Keeps the bottom of your oven clean with the 100% non-stick oven liner! Alternative to aluminum foil. Catches spills and splatters!

Suitable for gas ovens, electric ovens and microwaves. Comes with a COOKINA® ring which makes it easy to store your COOKINA® sheet after use.

For electric ovens WITH A VISIBLE ELEMENT: Place under the element
For electric ovens WITH NO VISIBLE ELEMENT: Place on the lower rack (not on the bottom of the oven)
For gas ovens:  Place on the lower rack and do not cover or block open holes inside oven

  • Made for high temperature cooking, up to 550 degrees
  • 40 x 58cm
  • Material PTFE

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