Guava Moth Trap - Refill

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The caterpillars of the Guava Moth can ruin a wide variety of fruit such as feijoas, plums, guavas, peaches, nectarines, macadamia nuts, lemons, mandarins etc. Guava moth can breed all year round as there are so many different types of fruit they infect. They can build up to quite large numbers if not controlled.

You have already protected your crop by previously purchasing our NiceBuys Guava Moth Trap. A pheromone based trap that is free from chemicals and is non toxic. You don't have to worry about our precious bees and other beneficial insects as this trap will not attract them.

Your trap is full - what to do?   No need to buy the full trap again - just purchase our NiceBuys Guava Moth Trap - REFILL and reuse the Green House!  

Haven't purchased the full trap yet?  Check out NiceBuys listing under Guava Moth Trap.

Refill Contains:
  • 1 sticky trap insert 
  • 1 pheromone lure
  • Instructions
    NB - the Refill does not contain the Green-House pictured
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