Compost Tumbler - 70 Litre Barrel

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One of the most efficient ways to make compost is by using a composter which allows for as much aeration as possible. This is best done with a Compost Tumbler which thoroughly mixes all the organic waste on a regular basis.

The 70 Litre compost Tumbler allows for easy collection of ready to use compost from the barrel.  The easy to turn barrel rotates in order to aerate/mix the contents within.

  •  70L capacity 
  •  Rotating Barrel
  •  Sliding door
  •  High off the ground to allow easy emptying and filling -
  •      assists with rodent proofing
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Easy to turn barrel
  •  Aeration system to speed up composting process
  •  Material - plastic chambers, metal tube
  •  Heavy duty all season construction for year-round composting


  •  Dimensions assembled: 47cm x 65cm x 85cm
  •  Dimensions of box: 64cm x 55cm x 14cm
  •  Weight: 6.7kg

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