DELUXE Fisherman's Essentials Gift Bundle

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Deluxe Essential Fisherman's Gift Bundle!

All your fishing needs from Intruder wrapped up in a discounted bundle ready to pack in your tackle box and go!  Package includes:

  • 1 Stainless Steel Filleting Glove - Size Medium
  • Fish Grabber - Stainless Steel tool for quick and safe retrieval of lodged hooks and lures from fish
  • Mouth Spreader - Stainless Steel, a staple for all tackle boxes. Protects your hands when retrieving lures and hooks from the jaws of game fish. Its strong spring and blunt tips keep the fish’s mouth open. 
  • 6" Deluxe Soft Handle Stainless Steel Filleting Knife with sheath for safe storage
  • 20kg Scale with Stainless Steel spring & hook and durable anodised aluminium body & handle 

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