Greenhouse 4 ft Extension Kit - to fit 8 x 8 Balance Greenhouse

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This 4 ft Extension Kit has been designed to be added to our 8 x 8 ft Balance Greenhouse.  This Extension Kit is the ideal solution for those gardeners’ who require more area to grow their plants, fruits, vegetables etc than the basic 8 x 8ft Greenhouse provides.

There is an added vent for increased circulation on each kit and each kit easily attaches to our existing 8 ft series Greenhouses to increase the overall length by 4 feet/120cm for each kit purchased.

The 4ft Extension Kits can be sequentially added to 8 ft Greenhouses to increase the overall length up to 20 ft (614cm) long. To increase 8 x 8 ft to 8 x 12 ft, add 1 x panel. To increase to 16 ft long, add 2 x panels. To increase to 20 ft long, add 3 x panels.

*We do not recommend adding more than 3 extension kits to the original               8 x 8 ft unit.

**As the Extension Kit is designed to connect between front and back sections of the greenhouse we recommend assembling the extension kit at the same time as the basic unit.

  • Dimensions Assembled: 120 x 244 x 229cm
  • Dimensions of Box: 12.5 x 159 x 65cm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Construction: Polycarbonate
  • Product Code: MG-B8WE4


  • Easily added to 8 x 8 ft Greenhouse to increase overall length by 4feet/120cm
  • Manual vent included with each kit for increased air circulation
  • Tough polycarbonate construction.
  • UV protected against the harsh sun
  • Up to 3 x kits can be added to the standard 8 x 8 ft Greenhouse

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