Flower Stem Trimmer

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Flower Power Stem Trimmer the perfect precision, razor sharp tool to trim your flowers.  Available in Red, Green and Neutral.

Prolong the life of your flowers with a razor clean angled cut that keeps flowers fresher for longer. Perfectly cut stems in seconds, great for bunches and bouquets!

Perfect flower cutting tool for Florists and home use.

Just slide in the stem to the desired length and cut it off with just a pull. It’s that easy! The stem trimmer's angled, professional cut is simple and makes flowers stay fresh longer. Bladeslast for over 1,000 stems (roses or similar) up to approx 11mm.

Wholesale prices available for Florists wanting a bulk order


  • Angled cut allows best water aborbtion
  • Precision razor cut prevents bacteria growth
  • Made in Germany
  • Length: 15cm Width: 2cm (at the widest point)

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