Premium Stainless Steel Bird Repelling Spikes - 25 lineal metres 200mm wide

Regular price $237.50

Premium Stainless Steel Bird Repelling Spikes – NiceBuys price $237.50 (equal to $9.50 per lineal metre)

Our Bird Spikes are designed to deter birds from landing or nesting and so are an ideal pest control solution for all birds and climbing animals such as possums and cats. These spikes will not harm or trap birds or other wildlife.

Easy to install with no assembly required, secured to any surface using nails, screws, adhesive or cable ties.

NiceBuys Bird Spikes use the highest quality componentry and production methods from reputable manufacturers and we guarantee “Best Price” and offer discounts on commercial or bulk quantities

Other pack options available.

* Please note bird spike product may differ very slightly from photo shown *

  • Total Coverage: 25 lineal metres (50 x 500mm lengths).
  • Provides protection for areas (eg ledges) up to 200mm wide. 
  • Material: Polycarbonate base and 304 stainless steel wire
  • Spike Diameter: 1.3mm
  • Base Width: 23mm
  • Height of spike: 110mm
  • Distance between spike tips: 145mm
  • Spike Quantity Per Strip: 40 spikes
  • Protection Width: up to 200mm
  • Length (per piece): 500mm (NB: “snap-off sections” every 50mm to allow custom fitting in all spaces)
  • Discreet: Bird Spikes and base are almost invisible from a distance

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