Slug & Snail Lure - 2 Pack

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Slugs and Snails eating up your garden before you can??  Use the environmentally friendly, non-toxic NiceBuys Slug & Snail Trap with the Slug & Snail Lures.  No nasty chemicals - safe around children and pets.

The Slug & Snail Trap hood sits just above the ground, making it easy for these slimy pests to enter the trap.  They are drawn to, and drowned, in the Slug & Snail Lure ready-mix. Added water and a bit of dish-washing liquid and your trap is set.  When your trap needs emptying, simply empty contents into your compost bin and re-use.

No need for poisons or baits! 
Note - Slug & Snail Trap pictured is not included with this product


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