Stylish, compact air purifier

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AirQuest Compact Air Purifier

Negative ions and Ozone are nature’s way of cleaning the air we breathe outside. Ozone is produced by Nature during a thunderstorm causing the outdoor air to be abundant with negative ions and ozone. The AQ150 produces both negative ions and ozone to replicate this phenomenon, resulting in cleaner, fresher, breathable air indoors. The AQ150 may help in the removal of dust, smoke, odours, mold, mildew, germs, bacteria, viruses and VOC’s.

  • Model No. AQ-150
  • Voltage DC12v (with adaptor)
  • Power consumption 10W
  • Dimensions 185 x 20mm
  • Negative Ions output 50,000,000pcs/cm3
  • Ozone output 200mg/h (30 mins auto stop)
  • Effective Range 80 - 140m2
  • Net Weight 650g
  • Gross Weight 950g

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