Moisture Kontrol - moisture absorber

Moisture Kontrol - moisture absorber

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    Introducing the ultimate lineup of Moisture Kontrol solutions tailored for the New Zealand lifestyle, NiceBuys presents an exclusive collection of moisture absorbers designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by NZ's climate. From persistent moisture on windows to the unseen threats lurking in your cupboards, our range offers effective and convenient answers. With products like the innovative hanging moisture absorber, New Zealanders now have the power to protect their homes and belongings from the damaging effects of excess moisture, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment year-round.

    For those grappling with the common issue of moisture on windows, our specially designed moisture absorbers offer a simple yet effective solution to help maintain clear views and protect windowsills from dampness. Our selection also includes the versatile cupboard moisture absorber, a must-have for keeping enclosed spaces like wardrobes and pantries dry and free from odours. These targeted solutions are designed to address specific moisture challenges, providing New Zealand homes with an added layer of protection against mould and mildew.

    Elevate your home’s humidity control with our Aqua Trap small dehumidifier, the best compact dehumidifier NZ has to offer, crafted for efficiency and performance. Whether you're in need of a solution for tight spaces or a comprehensive moisture trap to cover larger areas, NiceBuys has you covered. Each dehumidifier is crafted to offer maximum moisture extraction, ensuring your living spaces remain dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. Discover the difference with NiceBuys', offering our moisture absorber NZ wide, where quality meets innovation in the fight against humidity.

    Kontrol range of moisture absorber's and refills.  Effective removal of excess moisture in the atmosphere.  Use in your home, holiday home, car, caravan, motorhome, garage - anywhere moisture is a problem!

    Giving you "Kontrol" and helping you combat condensation, masking odours, preventing unsightly damp, damage to wood and household items, purifying air.

    Mini Moisture Trap - Linen Scent
    from $10.7500 to $34.4000 Regular price $21.50 Save $10.75
    Slimline Moisture Trap with 500g Crystals - Linen Scent
    Damp Control Refill Pack - Linen Scent
    from $10.9900 to $15.9900
    Slimline Moisture Trap + 1kg Refill - Linen Scent
    Sale price $19.00 Regular price $21.98 Save $2.98
    Slimline Moisture Trap + 2.5kg Refill - Linen Scent
    Sale price $23.00 Regular price $26.98 Save $3.98
    Aqua Trap Dehumidifier - Linen Scent
    Aqua Trap Dehumidifier - Refill Tablets Linen Scent
    Aqua Trap Dehumidifier + Refill Pack - Linen Scent
    Sale price $27.00 Regular price $30.98 Save $3.98
    Hanging Dehumidifier - Linen Scent
    Hanging Dehumidifier 3 x 210g - Linen Scent
    AquaTrap 24 Hr Moisture Absorber - 2 for the price of 1!
    Sale price $12.00 Regular price $24.00 Save $12

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