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    Every home and garden can do with a Water Storage Tank.  Store rainwater from your downpipe (using a downpipe diverter) or grey water to water your gardens.  Whether your requirement is for a slimline water tank or mini tank as a space-saver, a square tank, round tank, small or large water tank - we have them!

    Do you need a food grade water tank to store water on your boat or at the bach?  Our Maze 100L water tank is for you.  Maze 300L water tank is an impressive addition to your garden needs.  All our tanks you can use a drip-irrigation system with to maximise your water usage. 

    For homeowners and gardening enthusiasts looking to harness New Zealand's rainfall, NiceBuys offers a range of water tanks NZ residents can depend on for quality. Our selection caters to various needs, from water storage tanks NZ bach owners or boatees can use to store drinking water, to garden water tanks to suit your garden watering needs.

    With an increasing number of people recognising the importance of sustainability, the demand for water tanks for sale has grown. NiceBuys meets this demand by providing an assortment of options, including small water tanks NZ customers find perfect for urban homes, where space might be limited. These tanks allow for the collection and usage of rainwater, reducing reliance on mains water and cutting down utility bills. 

    NiceBuys is your go-to destination for cheap water tanks NZ residents rely on for their water saving needs, without breaking the bank. Investing in a small water tank is a smart choice for those starting their journey into water conservation or for gardeners who require a more manageable system. With NiceBuys, you have the assurance that even our most affordable options are built to last, offering a cost-effective solution for your water storage needs.

    See our range of water tanks and tank stands below.

    100 litre mini water tank gutter connection
    Maze MINItank 100L
    Sale price $95.00 Regular price $100.00 Save $5
    200 Litre Water Tank
    Tank Stand - for 200L Square & 300L Maze Water Tanks
    210 Litre Round Water Tank
    Tank Stand - for 210L Round Water Tank
    Maze 300 Litre Water Tank
    Sale price $171.00 Regular price $180.00 Save $9

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