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    Greenhouse Kits - best range of Greenhouses in NZ!

    How fabulous is it growing your own plants - Veges, Herbs, Flowers.  Greenhouses offer the perfect environment for growing - from seed to seedling to harvest! 

    With a Maze Greenhouse Kit you can protect your plants from excessive weather while they grow strong and healthy.  Greenhouse DIY kits can have you building the garden of your dreams.  Easy to follow step by step instructions - all hardware included.  From our entry level Lean-To or Harmony to the large Victory or Americana - every option for every backyard!

    Whether you have a small back yard or a larger one.  Are a budding garden novice or experienced gardener.  Love sun-ripened tomatoes or the bloom of orchids.  Whether you live in a cold, warm or hot habitat.  NiceBuys range of Maze greenhouses will cater for every backyard.  Made from strong and resilient materials, with ventilation for airflow, gutter for drainage and collection - with a Maze Water Tank and Maze Gutter Connector

    Benefits of a Polycarbonate Greenhouse

    At NiceBuys, we understand that a greenhouse can be a game-changer for any gardening enthusiast. Our selection of greenhouses NZ residents love is varied enough to meet the specific needs of different gardeners. Whether you're looking for a small garden greenhouse or a more expansive structure, we've got options that are just right for you. And if you're searching for greenhouses for sale NZ wide, you'll be thrilled to discover we offer delivery across the country.

    When it comes to greenhouses, one size doesn't fit all. At NiceBuys, we have a range of green house kit gardeners can assemble themselves.  If you've been on the hunt for the perfect greenhouse for sale, look no further; our range of greenhouse NZ gardener’s will love is not only diverse but also designed to offer the highest quality and durability.

    Don't just think of a greenhouse as a structure; think of it as an extension of your garden and home. With the right greenhouse from NiceBuys, you can control the climate, expand your plant variety, and even improve the quality of what you grow. And let's not forget about our expert advice on selecting and maintaining your greenhouse. Make your gardening dreams come true with a top-quality greenhouse from NiceBuys.

    Harmony Greenhouse - Silver
    from $1,33400 to $1,75000
    Greenhouse Lean-To 8ft x 4ft
    Plant Inn Elevated Garden Bed
    Sale price $799.00 Regular price $1,100.00 Save $301
    Hybrid Greenhouse - Charcoal Gray
    from $1,39000 to $1,89000
    Balance Greenhouse - Silver
    from $2,19000 to $4,29000
    Bella Greenhouse
    from $2,49000 to $5,19000
    Oasis 8 ft. Greenhouse Kit - Grey
    Oasis 12 ft. Greenhouse Kit - Grey Structure & Hybrid Panels
    Glory Premium Greenhouse - Grey Frame
    from $3,74000 to $7,24000 Regular price $4,390.00 Save $650
    Victory Greenhouse - Grey Frame
    Americana Greenhouse

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