Water Pumps

Water Pumps

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    Fully submersible Water Pumps for your Indoor Aquariums - Fountains - Water features.  The MINIpump is specially designed for Water tanks.

    NiceBuys range from the small compact 250LPH to the largest unit channeling 2000LPH. 

    Looking for ELV pumps (extra low voltage) - you will find them below as well. 

    Embarking on a project that requires efficient water movement? NiceBuys offers a selection of water pumps NZ residents can rely on for quality and durability. Whether you're setting up a new fountain, maintaining a pond, or managing your garden irrigation needs, our range of pumps is designed to meet your specific requirements.

    If you're in search of a small water pump, our lineup has you covered. The small water pump NZ customers can find at NiceBuys is ideal for tighter spaces or less demanding tasks.It provides the same reliability and performance as its larger counterparts but is perfectly sized for optimising smaller-scale cultivation spaces.

    For those intricate projects or compact applications, consider our mini water pump options. These diminutive dynamos offer convenience without compromising on power, ensuring that even the most delicate of tasks can be handled with ease. NiceBuys has a garden water pump solution to suit your garden needs.

    MINIpump Water Pump - 2050LPH
    Water Pump - 250 LPH
    Water Pump - 600 LPH
    Water Pump - 600 LPH ELV (Extra Low Voltage)
    Water Pump - 1000 LPH ELV (Extra Low Voltage)
    Water Pump - 2000 LPH

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