Water Tank Accessories & Garden Irrigation

Water Tank Accessories & Garden Irrigation

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    Our Water tank accessories and Garden Irrigation systems are essential components for efficiently collecting and distributing water for gardening and other outdoor uses. 

    For those who are passionate about maintaining their gardens with precision and care, NiceBuys presents an array of garden irrigation systems NZ gardeners can trust. With options that range from the simplest set-ups to more advanced solutions for your home garden, you're sure to find the right system to bring life to your plants and peace to your routine.

    Find the best garden irrigation NZ has to offer with our expertly curated selection at NiceBuys. Effortlessly keep your garden in top condition with the garden irrigation products that we have carefully selected for their quality and reliability. We understand that watering is more than just a chore – it's essential to the vibrancy of your garden. That’s why our garden irrigation offerings are designed to meet the specific needs of New Zealand gardens, providing the perfect balance of moisture and conservation.

    We also cater to the needs of rainwater harvesting enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of water tank accessories. Browse our selection of water tank accessories NZ customers need for a fully-equipped rainwater collection system, available at NiceBuys.

    Micro Sprayers with Polytube Kit
    from $6900 to $8900
    PC Drippers & Twin Arrow Drippers Polytube Kit
    from $8900 to $12900
    Irrigation Kit
    PC Drip Kit 25m - Maze
    30 piece water dripper kit for garden irrigation
    water dripper kit for garden irrigation
    30 piece Water Dripper Kit
    Root Watering System
    Downpipe Diverter
    Mini Water Tank Linking Kit
    Water Tank Level Linking Kit - for 100L MINtank
    Threaded Valve
    Sale price $8.95 Regular price $10.00 Save $1.05
    High Flow Tap Kit

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