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    Whether you have a garden to tend or pot plants to feed - there's a composting solution for all!  From our kitchen bench compost bins to our large garden compost tumblers - there's something for every member of the household.

    Imagine keeping your food scraps in a caddy with lockable lid - no nasty odours or flies!  Maze Compost Caddys - from the compact 7L Caddy to the impressive 18L Bokashi Compost Bin - will have you utilising your waste to help you! AND help the environment with less landfill.

    From Caddy or Worm Farm to our impressive Compost Tumblers and Composters - your Compost solution is below!

    Searching for the best compost bin NZ has to offer? Look no further than NiceBuys, your trusted source for quality composting solutions. From garden compost bins designed to enrich your soil, to home compost bins that fit seamlessly into your daily routine, we've got it all. Our range is carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of our Kiwi customers. See how this compost can be utilised to its full potential in environments specifically designed for plant cultivation.

    We understand the importance of sustainability, and that's why we're committed to offering composting bins that are both efficient and eco-friendly. Need advice on how to buy compost bin models that are ideal for your household or garden? Our knowledgeable staff are here to assist you. We're the go-to place for the composter NZ residents rely on for durability, functionality, and style.

    Curious about why NiceBuys is the go-to for compost bin NZ residents trust? Well, it's simple. Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers and designed for optimal composting. From the compact, easy-to-use compost bin options for the casual gardener to robust composting bins that can handle large volumes of waste, NiceBuys has you covered. We're proud to be the preferred destination for those seeking the highest quality garden compost bin and home compost bin selections. Make your sustainable lifestyle choices easy and rewarding with NiceBuys.

    Compost Tumbler - 180L Geared Twin Tumbler
    180L Compost Tumbler + Compost Cart Combo
    Sale price $344.00 Regular price $383.00 Save $39
    180L Compost Tumbler + Kitchen Caddy Combo
    Sale price $279.00 Regular price $311.00 Save $32
    Compost Tumbler 245L
    Compost Bin - Dirt Vader 220L
    Compost Cart
    Worm Farm
    Wooden Legs (4) for Worm Farm
    Working Tray for Worm Farm
    Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion System
    Aerobin Home Composter 400L
    Aerobin Home Composter 200L
    Maze Bokashi Composter Kit - 14 Litre
    Maze Bokashi Composter Kit - 18 Litre
    Maze 7 Litre Compost Bin + 2 Rolls of Bags
    Maze 9 Litre Compost Bin & Bag Combo
    7 Litre kitchen compost bin caddy being demonstrated
    5 Litre Compost Bin
    Compost Aerator - Spiral
    Compost Aerator - Revolver
    7 Litre Compost Bags - 3 packs
    9 Litre Compost Bags 3 packs
    Bokashi Liquid - 500ml
    Bokashi Liquid Process
    Bokashi Liquid - 500ml
    Bokashi Grains 5 Litre
    Bokashi Grains - 5 Litre

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