Water Tank Kits

Water Tank Kits

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    Our Water Tank Kits include Tank, Lid, Tap, Base AND Downpipe Diverter!  Everything you need to install a Water Tank.

    Every home and garden in NZ can do with a Water Storage Tank.  Store rainwater from your downpipe (using a downpipe diverter) or grey water to water your gardens.  Whether your requirement is for a slimline water tank or mini tank as a space-saver, a square tank, round tank, small or large water tank - we have them!

    Do you need a food grade water tank to store water on your boat or at the bach?  Our Maze 100L water tank is for you.  Maze 300L water tank is an impressive addition to your garden needs.  All our tanks you can use a drip-irrigation system with to maximise your water usage.

    At NiceBuys, we understand the importance of efficient water collection systems for New Zealand households. Our water tank kit options are crafted to cater specifically to your rainwater harvesting needs, whether for gardening or household utility. These kits include all the essentials to establish a functional rainwater collection system. With straightforward installation and effortless upkeep, they're also a great complement to controlled-environment gardening for irrigation.

    Managing a steady water supply is crucial, and while we don't offer water tank pump kits, NiceBuys has a variety of water pumps suitable for enhancing your system. These are ideal for water features, such as fountains, and can provide a more effective solution than gravity-fed options for your water tanks. Our water pumps will effortlessly integrate with your existing setup, helping to distribute water more efficiently around your garden.

    Selecting the appropriate components for your water collection and distribution needs is vital for successful water conservation. At NiceBuys, you can be confident that you're choosing products known for their resilience and performance. This ensures that, regardless of the weather, your garden and home will benefit from a consistent and reliable water supply.

    100 Litre Water Tank Kit
    Sale price $129.00 Regular price $163.00 Save $34
    210 Litre Round Water Tank Kit
    Sale price $155.00 Regular price $167.00 Save $12
    200 Litre Water Tank Kit
    Sale price $186.00 Regular price $200.00 Save $14
    Maze 300L MINITank Kit
    Sale price $242.00 Regular price $261.00 Save $19
    Maze 300L MINITank x 2 Kit
    Sale price $460.00 Regular price $511.00 Save $51

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