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from $42000 to $97000
HARMONY - Silver
from $1,06000 to $2,25000
HYBRID - Charcoal
from $1,12000 to $1,62000
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BALANCE - Silver
from $1,79000 to $3,49000
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from $2,09000 to $4,26000
HEX (Hexagonal) OASIS
from $2,58000 to $4,65000
Maze Greenhouses
Maze greenhouses are a great option for those wanting to grow fresh fruit, vegetables, or herbs but do not have a large space to do so or that are looking for ideal protected environment from pests.
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Composting Solutions
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Bokashi Liquid - 500ml
Bokashi Liquid Process
Bokashi Liquid - 500ml
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Maze 7 Litre Compost Bin
7 Litre Compost Bags - BULK BUY 3 packs (60 bags)
7 Litre Compost Bin and Compost Bags
Maze 9 Litre Compost Bin