Composting 101


As many of us strive to be a bit more sustainable, composting is a great and easy way to start. Many of your kitchen scraps like peelings, fruit, coffee, egg shells and garden waste like grass and lawn clippings are ideal compost material.

Our large collection of composting bins, tumblers and accessories are perfect for both beginners and composting masters! See our small 7 and 9 Litre kitchen caddies that are a great starter size as they fit discretely in to your kitchen.  Our 12 and 18 Litre Bokashi Kits are another indoor composting option but gives you the advantage of accelerating your compost decay with our liquid Bokashi activator.

Moving to the garden, our compost tumblers are a great alternative to the traditional “box” type composters, giving you the ability to turn and aerate your compost regularly.   NiceBuys stock the traditional compost bins in several sizes as well as many composting accessories like compostable bags, aerators and bases.

If you want to learn how to compost, there are plenty of really good resources available for new composters. Here are a couple of composting websites to get you started. and

Happy composting.

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