5 Benefits of Vacuum Sealers

One of our FAVOURITE products at NiceBuys is our Vacuum Sealer range from Proline.  If you have never vacuum sealed food, prepare to become hooked. There's so many reasons to vacuum seal your food, but here's our top 5 reasons.  

Keeps food fresh for 5 time longer

Proline Vacuum Sealers carefully extract the air out of high quality BPA free vacuum bags/rolls creating a vacuum that preserves your food and keeps it fresher for longer, up to 5 times longer than conventional food storage! 

Lock in the Flavour

One great way to preserve your meat is to slather your steak or chops in a gorgeous marinade or rub and let all those gorgeous flavours absorb into your meat, once it is vacuum sealed, making it delicious and flavoursome when ready to cook!

The Fishermans Friend

Just caught “the big one”? Fish fillets are PERFECT for vacuum sealing, keeping the flavour and freshness locked in and NO freezer burn. 

Split bulk buys into meal size portions

Buy in bulk and split meat into smaller vacuum sealed packs for easy use. 

Leftovers Lovers

Left overs? No problem, vacuum seal and pop in the freezer for quick and easy meals! It helps most food from going stale as quickly as it would in a non-airtight container, and also helps prevent freezer burn, which affects taste and texture.

The uses for your Vacuum Sealer are endless. Check out our range of Vacuum Sealers options for use at home or commercial. 

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