Black Patch Stove Putty - FAQ's


Can it be applied to a hot stove?

We suggest applying Black Patch Stove Putty to a cool – warm stove not a warm – hot stove.

Is Black Patch Stove Putty suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, providing that it is fully air-dried for at least 24 hours prior to getting wet.

What temperature is the product effective to?

How long after applying product can I use my heater?
Black Patch Stove Putty requires 24hours to air dry. You can use the heater after that.

I have young kids and the glass on the fireplace has cracked so I am not going to replace it, can I use Black Patch Stove Putty to repair it?
Yes, if you don’t mind the black colour.

What is the difference between Hotspot and Black patch?
The colour – Hot Spot Ready Mortar is a sandy colour, while Black Patch Stove Putty is black

Do I need to wet the bricks first?

If not right consistency for required application; can I add water to product?
Yes but only very small amount – couple of drops only.

How do I clean up any spills?
Wash down with water, as this product is water based.

Do I need to wait until the wood burner/pipes are cool before I use the Black Patch Stove Putty?
Yes, the wood burner/pipes need to cool before application and wait 24 hours before starting the fire again.

Does Black Patch Stove Putty have elasticity when dry?
Unfortunately no, when dry Black Patch Stove Putty dries rock solid.

Can I use this product to seal a crack in my domestic oven?
Black Patch Stove Putty is perfect for this kind of project however, we recommend to etch the surface.
As domestic ovens are a smooth surface the Black Patch Stove Putty will need a rough surface to adhere to – some sand paper will do the trick.