Hotspot Redi to Use Mortar - FAQ's


What temperature is the product effective to?


How long after applying product can I use my heater?
Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar requires 24hours to air dry. You can use the heater after that.

Is Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar ok for use on an outside BBQ?
Yes, Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar can be used if it is cured and dried. Protect from rain/moisture for 24 hrs until curing process is complete. It is not as strong as instant brick.

What is the difference between Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar and Black Patch Stove Putty?
The colour – Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar is a sandy colour, while Black Patch Stove Putty is black.

Is Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar suitable to repair a smashed up fire box in a Kamado Cooker?
Yes in principle it should hold all the pieces together, but we have never tested our product in this situation.

Is Hot Spot Ready To Use Mortar suitable for outdoors?
Yes, providing that it is fully air-dried for at least 24 hours prior to getting wet.

Can this be used to render my pizza oven?
It can be used as ‘render’ per say – this cannot be applied too thick as it can crack. We really recommend our Instant Brick Castable Cement for this kind of project as the formula is more suited to be applied in thicker layers.

The liquid on top of the Hot Spot Ready to Use Mortar has leaked on my porcelain tiles and has left a mark, how do I get it off?
This liquid sets once its exposed to air/ heat – so there is no physical way of removing the product. What can be used to lighten the effect is Jif cream as it has a cutting agent in its formula (a test on an inconspicuous area is recommended prior) or a magic eraser.

Can I use this product to seal a crack in my domestic oven?
Hot Spot Ready Mortar is perfect for this kind of project however, we recommend to etch the surface.
As domestic ovens are a smooth surface the Black Patch Stove Putty will need a rough surface to adhere to – some sand paper will do the trick.