Instant Brick Castable Cement 4kg FAQ's


What temperature is the product effective to?


Is it ok for outside on my brick BBQ?
Yes, protect from rain/moisture for 24 hrs until curing process is complete.

I have broken bricks in my fireplace, am I able to spread this over all of the bricks and fill in the hole?
Yes, as this perfect for replacing and/or repairing fireplace bricks.

Can I use instant brick in a load-bearing wall?
It would be best to use concrete, please consult your local hardware for advice.

Can this be used as a render for my pizza oven?
For this kind of project; yes, as the formula is more suited to be applied in thicker layers.

Can this product be dyed to suit the colour of my oven bricks?
Yes, however – as this is something we have not tested we are unaware how the dye will react with the heat and whether or not it will fade.