Polycarbonate Panels

The Polycarbonate Greenhouse Choices

Polycarbonate panels are remarkably diverse. The material is cost-efficient and durable – polycarbonate is almost impossible to break. The polymer is also wonderfully effective at transmitting light. It can withstand extreme weather changes with ease and stand up to the harmful impact of UV rays.

You can pick from polycarbonate panels that are:

  • Clear: Clear panels afford the greatest light transmission while offering a wonderfully unobstructed view. The 0.7mm crystal-clear polycarbonate panels retain all the strength and durability of twin-wall options. They are VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE and guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Diffused: Diffused panels are usually formed with twin-wall polycarbonate. They create more light while reducing the potential for plant burn. The added light is great for greenhouses positioned in shady locations. The twin-wall polycarbonate design provides greater insulation (U-Value) and retains heat well.
  • Combination: Clear and Diffused: Offers a combination of light via the roof with the sides providing even greater light transmission with unobstructed views.

See our greenhouse range for these panel options.