Sous Vide Q & A

The key to sous vide, French for “under vacuum”, is putting a protein, often meat, in a plastic bag and removing all the air, in order to sous vide for maximum flavour and tenderness.


Is cooking with plastic safe?

There’s bad plastic, such as polycarbonate, which release the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA).  Often found in cling wrap, plastic squeeze bottles, take-out containers, multi-litre water bottles and plastic plates. The not-so-bad plastics do not release BPA.  Examples of these are high and low-density polyethylene and polypropylene, as well as others.


What kind of plastic bags are safe for sous vide?

The best bags are Food-grade vacuum sealing bags because they are BPA-free and made from polyethylene.  These bags need to be sealed with a vacuum sealing machine.  


Can I use regular ziplock bags in sous vide?

Yes you can.  These bags are generally made from polyethylene plastic, free of BPA’s.  However you can’t successfully take all the air out of the bag to ensure guaranteed sous vide.  Not getting all the air out can make the bag float and sous vide will be inconsistent due to your food being left above the water level.


Do professional chefs use sous vide?

It’s a yes!  Very few professional chefs do not use sous vide in their cooking.  Sous vide is known for its ability to make quality control so much easier.


Should I season my food before sous vide?

Of course!  Adding your usual herbs, spices or even just salt and pepper, enhances the food during sous vide.


Can I sous vide fish?

You can sous vide fish!  Either defrosted or direct from the freezer – just add 60 minutes to your sous vide time if frozen.  Sear quickly after sous vide for added flavour and browning!


What about vegetables?

Absolutely! Because sous vide keeps the water bath temperature at a constant, vegetables can cook until they are crisp-tender but still keep their vibrant colours.  Flavour is intensified.  Even root vegetables cook consistent.


I love salmon – will sous vide make it dry?

Sous vide salmon is perfection!  Your family/guests will be impressed.  Perfectly moist and flaky, every single time.