Sticky Tree Band - 1 Pack (4 bands) & 2 Packs (8 bands)

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Protect your trees from crawling insect pests and caterpillars.  As the NiceBuys Sticky Tree Band is positioned around the tree trunk the insects and migrating caterpillars are trapped to the sticky glue - stopping them in their tracks!

Particularly good to use in conjunction with NiceBuys Codling Moth and Guava Moth Traps.  The Sticky Tree Band assists with stopping the caterpillar of these moths migrating from the ground leaf litter to the fruit on the tree.  Large tree trunk?  No problem!  Simply join two bands together to form one longer Sticky Tree Band. 

Clear colourway.  Environmentally friendly and 100% Pesticide free!  Non-toxic and odourless.



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