Why Buy a Vacuum Sealer??

Why Buy a Vacuum Sealer??

Food prices highest in over 30 years!  That’s the news headline.  What better time than now to buy your food in bulk to divide into “meal size” for your freezer, fridge or pantry.  Have a friend or family member buy in bulk with you and split your costs! 

Vacuum sealing your food extends the life of your fridge, freezer and pantry foods from weeks to years!  Here’s a handy Food Preservation Guide  to show you how much longer your food will keep having been vacuum sealed.

Love fishing?  Is hunting “your thing”?  Keen gardener?  You shouldn’t be without a Vacuum Sealer.  Hunters and gatherers need a Vacuum Sealer in their life!  The ease and convenience of extending the freshness of your food will become an indispensable part of your food prep and cost saving.

Your food will take up less room in your freezer, fridge or pantry.  Marinate before vacuum sealing and your food will come out twice as tasty – the flavours building in the bag.  All ready to sous vide, or simply open the bag and straight on to the barbeque!

But which one do you choose?  External or Chamber?  External range from the small to medium size functional Domestic units up to the grunty Industrial grade.  And then there’s the Chamber vacuum sealers!  (fyi – External simply means the sealing process is completed externally from the machine, versus internally with the Chamber sealers).
Domestic units are absolutely fine for a small to medium household when you have your weekly shop to divide into meal size portions, and the occasional gift from your resident “hunter/gatherer”.  Most people who have had a Domestic unit find when it comes to replacement, they tend to upgrade to a more ‘grunty’ model.  But not everybody!
The term Industrial grade machine doesn’t mean they are too big for the home.  They operate slightly quicker. They vacuum seal with more suction due to their higher extraction rating and some with dual pumps. They have more sealing options.  Most will have an internal cutter to cut the bags, rather than hand cutting.  Some with double seal.  And most can handle continuous use more efficiently.  Which means your hunt gets bagged quicker!
What are Chamber vacuum sealers?  Have you ever tried vacuum sealing soup or stocks?  Really easy with a Chamber vacuum sealer.  These can seal liquids along with, dry goods, fruit, vegetables AND your meats!  They are generally pricier than the external vacuum sealers but they can handle so much more!  Excellent for restaurants and caterers and YES, for the home!

And what about Bags?  They should always be BPA free.  You should only use “vacuum sealer bags” with your Vacuum sealer.  Why?  In order to seal correctly which maximises the use of the vacuum sealer you have purchased. 

You can purchase pre-cut bags or rolls.  Generally vacuum sealer bags have tiny air chambers, which help the machine extract the air and therefore vacuum seal your food.  The best bags are the ones with these air chambers on both sides of the bag.  These bags will ensure maximum freshness of your food when you are ready to consume it.

So, are your needs with an external Domestic, Industrial or Chamber Vacuum Sealer?  Take your pick!

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