Codling Moth Trap

Codling Moth Trap
Codling Moth Trap
Codling Moth Trap

Codling Moth Trap

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Codling Moth Trap

The caterpillars of the Codling Moth can ruin your apples and pears.  Codling Moths (Cydia pomonella) lay eggs from around the end of September until March. 

Trap Inclusions

1 House
1 sticky trap insert
1 pheromone lure


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NiceBuys Codling Moth Trap is a pheromone based trap that is free from chemicals and is non toxic. You don't have to worry about our precious bees and other beneficial insects as this trap will not attract them.

Trap includes house, wire to hang, pheromone lure, sticky pad.  

Now it’s easy to protect your fruit trees against the Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella), the most common caterpillar pest of apples and pears, with the Codling Moth Trap!

Suitable for both trapping and monitoring the population of adult moths, this trap uses a synthetic replica of the scent (attractant) produced by the female to lure male moths into the sticky trap from which they cannot escape to breed. Trapping the male Codling Moth will reduce breeding – fewer eggs laid means fewer maggots to attack your fruit! The pheromone attractant lure is chemical free and non-toxic, and will not attract rare or beneficial insects (e.g bees).

Features & Benefits:

Trap includes: House, Wire to hang, Pheromone lure, Sticky pad.  

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