Compost Tumbler 245 Litres

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The new 245lt Compost Tumbler transforms leftover waste and garden refuse into a rich, nutrient dense compost with next to no effort. The reinforced barrel is UV protected and contains multiple air vents to promote aerobic decomposition.

Sliding doors allow for the easy addition/collection of organic waste while the barrel itself can be setup as either a standalone unit or, if desired, divided into 2 x separate compartments for the alternate curing and addition of compost.

The Compost Tumbler frame is powder coated and allows for easy collection of ready to use compost from the barrel. The newly designed crank and gear system was developed in order to make the important task of rotating the contents of the barrel easier. With a few simple turns, this system allows the barrel to be rotated in order to aerate/mix the contents within.

An extra feature in this system is a ratchet that enables automatic rotation locking at any point which serves to prevent any backwards rotation of the barrel.



  • 245lt capacity
  • 2 Compartments enables batch composting (removable divider)
  • Geared handle to enable easier turning of the tumbler
  • Built in ratchet will auto lock rotation (can be disabled)
  • Heavy duty barrel and frame
  • Open frame for the easy collection using a bucket or Composting Cart
  • Sliding doors for easy filling and emptying
  • Rodent proof
  • Multiple adjustable air vents
  • UV protected
  • Designed in Australia
  • Capacity: 245lt
  • Dimensions: 105cm (W) x 71cm (D) x 113cm (H)
  • UV protected
  • Frame: Zinc powder coated

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