Downpipe Diverter

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Divert water with the Maze Downpipe Diverter

The MINItank Downpipe Diverter provides a simple yet effective solution for the collection of rainwater from your roof and into your MINItank.

The Diverter itself is 108mm x 103mm and, as such, can accommodate both a rectangular (up to 100mm wide) and circular (up to 90mm in diameter) downpipe.

The Diverter works by collecting the bulk of rain water flowing through the downpipe and funnelling it, through a tube, into the body of the MINItank. When the tank is full, excess water is then redirected back through the Diverter and into the downpipe (to prevent tank overflow).

  • Fits most conventional downpipes
  • Provides overflow protection for your tank
  • Simple to install
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 58cm (tube)
  • Weight: 250g
  • Construction: Recycled plastic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Downpipe diverter design has some flaws

Prompt and easy delivery from NiceBuys thank you. The downpipe diverter itself however is hard to install well due to its poor design. The overflow hole at the bottom that sits inside your normal downpipe below is very small. This has two effects: The diverter cannot be firmly fixed and easily wobbles and tilts which affects its function (which relies on the diverter being level). Secondly, during heavy rain the diverter gets easily overloaded with water and spills water over its edges. Defeating the purpose of having a downpipe.


Downpipe Diverter

Works, but not the best fit.

So far it works as expected, but the fit on a rectangular downpipe is not optimal. The bottom is flat except for a small outlet tube, but there is nothing to keep the pipe aligned and can shift around. I used clear duct tape on the back.
The top doesn't fit very well either, with nothing to prevent in/out movement of the downspout in the diverter.
Black wasn't my preferred colour with all white downpipes.
Overall, it works, but I'll try to find a better fitting diverter if I need more.