Irrigation Kit

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The Maze Moisture Sensing Irrigation System is a self contained plant irrigation system that works without the need for timers or batteries.
The system senses the relative osmotic pressure of the soil with the use of 12 x ceramic sensors in order to determine the need for water in the surrounding area.

When soil is too dry a valve in the sensor opens to allow water to pass through its adjoining dripper. When the soil is sufficiently saturated the valve closes to stop water from flowing. Great automatic way to water your outdoor plants.

Each water sensor works independently of its neighbour to ensure that plants or flowers with differing moisture requirements are independently catered to.

The system itself is compatible with water tanks, mains pressure (with a pressure reducer) or water pumps (also with a pressure reducer).

  • Fully automatic watering system
  • No need for timers or batteries
  • Ceramic water sensors
  • Each sensor works independently to cater to individual plant needs
  • Maintains the optimal soil moisture content for each growing area
  • Works with water tanks, mains pressure (pressure reducer needed) or water pumps (pressure reducer needed)
  • Made in Austria

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