Wasp Traps - Re-usable

SKU: ETW-6 X 1
Wasp Traps - Re-usable
Wasp Traps - Re-usable

Wasp Traps - Re-usable

SKU: ETW-6 X 1
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NiceBuys Wasp Trap is the "friendly" trap - Environment, Children, Pets, Bees and other Beneficial Pests.  It attracts and traps the nasties - Wasps.  This trap can be hung, with its handy attached string, or placed on a flat surface. Particularly useful if you have Swan Plants - helps to protect the caterpillars and hatching monarch butterflies.


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Safeguard your outdoor spaces with the eco-friendly Wasp Traps, a must-have for every New Zealand household. This reusable wasp trap offers a safe and effective solution to manage wasps, ensuring your garden remains a peaceful haven for you, your family, and beneficial insects like bees. With their non-toxic approach, this outdoor wasp trap option is perfect for homes across NZ, blending seamlessly with your commitment to a safe and sustainable environment. 

Ideal for hanging or placing on flat surfaces, they're especially beneficial near swan plants, protecting caterpillars and emerging monarch butterflies from wasp predation. Whether you're enjoying a backyard barbecue or tending to your garden, this is the best 100% natural wasp trap NZ has to offer, a solution that provides peace of mind and protection from unwanted guests.

NiceBuys Wasp Trap comes with a 100% natural, non-toxic recipe.  Recipe includes vinegar - the ingredient that keeps the Bees away.  Poison free. 

NiceBuys Wasp Trap can be used around your backyard, garden, during a picnic or BBQ - anywhere Wasps are frequent attendees.  

Simply follow the recipe - ensure you use vinegar and some form of protein, such as catfood or tinned fish.  Protein is also a deterrant for the bees and wasps love it!

This trap can also be used as a Fly Trap - simply use a different attractant recipe!

Product Dimensions:  160mmH x 135mmL x 135mmW

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